What Is The Minimum Sentence For Arson ?  

An arson fire accident is caused when the fire accident is created deliberately resulting in destruction and damage of property and / or life.

In order to prove that it is an arson fire, the investigator should have sufficient evidence to prove that at least one important factor which caused the fire has been tampered with a false motive. It could be heat, fuel source or oxygen.

The minimum sentence for arson is normally five years. The investigation process is different from the normal criminal investigation procedure. Interviews are carried out amongst the people who were witnesses to the scene or the firefighters who put off the fire.

Some of the arson investigations that have been conducted in the past were not really successful in determining the cause for the accident as it relied on outdated theories that were not proven scientifically. Most of them blindly followed folk wisdom and old beliefs than truth. The lab tests that were conducted recently however proved that some of these beliefs were false.

The biggest challenge about proving the convict is finding solid evidence that the fire is an arson fire. Mostly, the evidence gets erased during the firefighting process. Nowadays, an advanced technology called FIT-5 has been developed where the lightweight tool extinguishes fire with the least amount of water. The extinguishing agent is environment friendly and does not cause a lot of pollution. The flames are knocked out just within a few seconds. The temperature is suppressed enabling the firefighters to enter the accident scene safely and extinguish with very less water content.

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What Is The Minimum Sentence For Arson

Case-Studies-On-Arson      Cases have been filed in the past where firefighters have been convicted as they were responsible for a chain of fire accidents in a few towns in the United States. Many individuals were arrested after a string of fires started in a town called Coatesville creating a nightmare among the residents. More..




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What Is The Minimum Sentence For Arson ? )
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