Aggravated Sexual Assault On A Child  

Children are very delicate physically and mentally and most of us in the society do recognize it. However, there are several child abusers who can cause sexual assault in a child.

The statistics in the United States show that most of the sexual assaults that are suffered by children are caused at day care centers and by the baby’s care givers. These people have direct access to the child most of the time and until the time of a doctor’s examination comes, the crime does not get exposed. So, the time frame for the sexual assault and for what period it was being carried out is very difficult to identify. Only the perpetrator can reveal the facts to the law.

An aggravated sexual assault is a term used when there has been any kind of sexual act that has been performed on a child who is 14 years old or younger. Even if the child cooperated, it is a crime and is severely punishable by law. There are several requirements by the law to define the act. A sexual assault is when there is evidence on the private parts of the child that there has been penetration involved, even a mouth to mouth kiss is categorized in this type of assault. This act is severely condemned by law, and the perpetrator can be termed as a sexual abuser and the society will be warned against him or her. The person will be labeled as a sex offender at all times. The act is also punishable through lifetime imprisonment.

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Aggravated Sexual Assault On A Child

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Aggravated Sexual Assault On A Child )
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