Assault Charge Definitions  

From a legal point of view, an assault is often categorized as an attack. Assault is an action that causes any kind of reasonable threat to a person. This threat could be physical or mental in nature. The person who is being assaulted need not necessarily be physically harmed by another. Just the threat of such an action to follow is more than enough.

There are certain circumstances which can be considered as an automatic assault. For example, some of those acts are pointing a gun at someone or holding a knife and waving it at someone or directly threatening them, and some of the sports equipment like baseball bats are also considered as potential weapons. So, anybody who is being threatened is actually being assaulted.

The charges for assault are not determined based on whether the person was actually hurt or not. In these kind of charges, the intent of the perpetrator is questioned rather than the act or the crime itself. If the perpetrator had to make an action, what would the damages be and how it would harm the people that were threatened is determined. Since the intent is being questioned, even the charges will be determined based on that.

An assault of any kind could invite trouble and also criminal charges. When it comes to assault, there is nothing to determine the level of damages or crime, and it is a potential for everything. So, the worst is imagined by the law and then the crime is sentenced.

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Assault Charge Definitions

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