Definition Aggravated Assault  

An aggravated assault is the type of assault that could possibly severely damage a person or his or her belongings or a property. It could occur under reckless circumstances, due to indifference, or even due to behavioral problems. As a result of aggravated assault, the person, who is the victim, can be severely hurt, and the hurt caused is always with intent. In the judicial system, an aggravated assault is treated the same as an attempt to murder because the result could be the same.

In the case of an aggravated assault, the result is not often examined but the nature of assault is examined more thoroughly. Here the person, who is holding a gun, for example, falls under the purview of an aggravated assault because he or she can hurt several people with the possession of a gun. It is not the same as street crimes where people hurt each other by hitting or throwing stones. Even holding objects like knives or cross bars or baseball bats can be amounted to aggravated crime. These kinds of weapons can kill a person within no time. Also, in the case of aggravated crime, the person who is executing the crime has no value for human life and that is severely condemned by law.

Even rape is a form of aggravated crime. It is often a result of misplaced values where the criminals do not respect others feelings or recognize the hurt they go through. The punishment for aggravated crime can be lifetime imprisonment and sometimes the death sentence.

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Definition Aggravated Assault

Difference-Between-Simple-Assault-And-Aggravated-Assault      A simple assault is much different from an aggravated assault and the terminology itself can define the differences. In the case of a simple assault, the crime takes place on the streets and is always a random occurrence. It could be a result of a minor argument which turned violent and it resulted in physical violence. More..




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