Difference Between Simple Assault And Aggravated Assault  

A simple assault is much different from an aggravated assault and the terminology itself can define the differences. In the case of a simple assault, the crime takes place on the streets and is always a random occurrence. It could be a result of a minor argument which turned violent and it resulted in physical violence.

But, in the case of a simple assault, nobody’s life would have been threatened. However, there are remote chances that the life could have been threatened if the perpetrators do not stop their violence. So, in a way there is a very thin line between when a simple assault can convert into an aggravated assault. A simple assault can also occurred in a planned way because of street crimes or local mobs. However, these sorts of crimes are not meant to harm someone severely. Nevertheless, it is a crime to hurt anyone.

An aggravated assault more often than not is an extremely violent case. The chances of killing someone are much higher in this kind of assault. In this case, the perpetrator could be in a possession of a weapon like a gun or a dagger or a baseball bat and something that can potentially take the life of someone. Aggravated assault is, mostly executed by criminals who have the courage to kill someone. Even child abuse, child rape, rape, murder, and sexual abuse are all forms of aggravated assault. Both simple and aggravated assault are wrong legally, but the punishments can be severe for aggravated assaults.

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Difference Between Simple Assault And Aggravated Assault

Elements-Of-Assault-And-Battery      Battery and assault are two different type of crime and have different set of punishments in the court of law. Assault is a kind of crime or violence that is meted out against another person. For example, when one person attacks one more person with intent to harm, it is called as an assault. It may be a result of a verbal argument or even a planned offense. More..




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Difference Between Simple Assault And Aggravated Assault )
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