Difference Between Theft And Burglary  

Burglary is the intent of breaking into a property without the consent and with the objective of committing a crime. When a person breaks into a house with the aim of stealing or harming someone, it is called burglary. Also, if a property owner clearly states that trespassing on their property will attract prosecution, and a person still does not obey the wishes, it is considered as burglary.

Basically, burglary means the intent of the person to commit the crime. Burglary is specifically determined by the intent of the crime and not the crime itself. If there was a crime, then it is obviously punishable. A person need not enter a building forcibly in order to commit the crime and they can even sneak in through an open window or break something open. Burglary is called theft when something valuable is stole. Theft also involves breaking in so therefore it is called as a type of burglary.

Theft can also be different types like an embezzlement of funs from accounts not owned by the person is also a form of stealing. One may not necessarily break into a house or property commit theft. It can be done if you are in the position to handle funds and manipulate them. In legal terms burglary and theft can be two different things or related to the same incident depending on the circumstances. Several burglars are caught inside an unauthorized property even when they have not stolen anything they still are held for the crime. The burglar has to prove his intention at that point of time and based on what their intent was the crime is defined. However, theft is more obvious than burglary in several cases.

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Difference Between Theft And Burglary

Sentencing-Guidelines-For-Burglary      Burglary means breaking into someone’s property unauthorized with intent to commit a crime and it can be anything from robbery to stealing or any other intention. When it comes to determining the burglary cases, the intention of the person needs to be clear. It can be anything from a house breaking crime to breaking into offices, and the object that has to be stolen can be of low or high value. More..




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