Reasons In Favor Of Capital Punishment  

There has been a constant debate on whether capital punishment is a good way of deterring crime, especially murder and aggravated crimes.

Some argue that the death penalty does not help in reducing crime in a particular state. Others say that states which support death penalty have higher crime rates and more severe punishment will result in more crimes. But there are studies supporting capital punishment for crimes such as murder.

According to researchers, in 1960, the United States witnessed 56 executions and 9,140 murders. In 1964, death penalty was given to 15 people. Interestingly, the number of murders rose to 9,250. The year 1969 witnessed no executions and the number of murders shot up to 14, 590. To summarize, the annual murders in the United States increased from 9,960 to 23,040 between1965 and 1980, an increase of 131 percent. To conclude, the number of murders grew when there were low rate of executions in the U.S.

Texas executes more murderers than any other state. According to Justice for All, the murder rate in the state of Texas was 15.3 percent in 1991. By 1999, it had fallen to 60 percent due to aggressive death penalty prosecutions.

Recent studies show that capital punishment does act as a deterrent to murder. Studies show that 3 to 18 lives would be saved if a convicted murderer is executed. According to Naci Mocan, an economics professor at the University of Colorado at Denver, who has categorically stated that he opposes the death penalty but his studies have shown that death penalty acts as a deterrent. According to Naci Mocan's research, each execution results in 5 fewer homicides.

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Reasons In Favor Of Capital Punishment

Trends-In-Methods-Of-Capital-Punishment      The United States is one of few countries that still uses capital punishment for certain crimes like murder and treason. However, the method of execution has changed. Lethal injection is the current method of capital punishment used in 35 states which allow death penalty. More..




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Reasons In Favor Of Capital Punishment )
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