What Crimes Are Punished By The Death Penalty ?  

There are few nations, including the United States, that still use death penalty for crimes like murder. In the United States, crimes subject to death penalty vary by jurisdiction. All jurisdictions term murder as a capital crime. However, most jurisdictions require aggravating or infuriating circumstances to mete out death penalty to a prisoner.

Capital crimes vary by jurisdiction. Several jurisdictions consider treason as a capital offense. Other crimes such as espionage, terrorism, treason at the federal level, killing with the use of a weapon of mass destruction, and certain violations of the Geneva Convention that result in the death of one or more persons come under the category of capital punishment.

Capital crimes vary from state to state. Georgia, Kentucky, Idaho, and South Carolina consider aggravated kidnapping as a capital crime. Drug trafficking resulting in a person’s death is a capital crime in Connecticut. California allows death penalty for train wrecking and perjury, both leading to a person’s death, as capital punishment. Aggravated rape is considered a capital crime in the states of Oklahoma, Florida and Louisiana. Oklahoma allows death penalty for individuals involved in extortionate kidnapping. Air craft hijacking is considered a serious capital crime in Alabama. No has been executed for a criminal offense other than murder or conspiracy to murder since the execution of James Coburn for committing robbery in Alabama on September 4, 1964.

Offenses during wartime including mutiny, spying, desertion and misconduct are criminal offenses and the Uniform Code of Military Justice allows capital punishment for such offenses.

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What Crimes Are Punished By The Death Penalty

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