Child Abuse And Its Implication In The Growth Of An Economy  

Child abuse can be defined as physical, mental, sexual and emotional abuse inflicted by a caretaker, guardian or parent. According to the New York State Law, child abuse can be defined in the following ways:

When a parent or caretaker commits a sexual offense such as rape, sodomy against a child, engages a child in sexual activity or promotes a child’s sexual performance, the parent or caretaker is guilty of sexual abuse. Emotional abuse includes torture and use of abusive language verbally to criticize or demoralize a child. Physical injury can be defined as actions by a parent or caretaker that create substantial risk of physical injury to the child. When parents or caretakers afflict physical injury ranging from superficial bruises to burns, broken bones and serious internal injuries, they are subject to child abuse laws.

Child abuse leads to various consequences including long term physical and psychological problems, adult crime, juvenile violence, drug addiction. Researchers have also observed that most of the violent prisoners in jail were abused or neglected as children. Child abuse neglects the normal growth and development of children.

Child abuse is costly to the society and economy of a state or country. Child abuse has an adverse impact on the society, directly or indirectly. Direct costs in the economy include maintaining a welfare system for the abused child. Indirect costs include economic consequences such as mental illness, domestic violence and juvenile and adult criminal activity.  Economic losses such as cost of special education services, loss in productivity, use of the health care system are also affected because of child abuse. It has been observed that New York spends more than $2.3 billion a year to deal with abuse and neglect of children.

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Child Abuse And Its Implication In The Growth Of An Economy

Cultural-Factors-Affect-Child-Abuse      Many societal and cultural influences affect child abuse. It is difficult to define abuse globally due to many cultural factors affecting it. Child abuse includes physical, sexual, emotional and neglect of a child. These different categories of abuses are fairly common across different cultures. More..




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Child Abuse And Its Implication In The Growth Of An Economy )
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