Child Abuse And Self Esteem  

Abused children go through lot of physical and mental trauma through out the years of their growing up. They also have several post traumatic symptoms to deal with. Child abuse is prevalent in the society by and large. Often, children, who have been abused, suffer from low self esteem.

Child abuse has several forms, like physical abuse, mental abuse and even sexual abuse. Any of these kinds of abuse leaves a life long impression on their mental status. They suffer from low self esteem because they have been constantly rectified in a harsh manner and corrected in a way where they were made to feel small.

In most cases, the child's parents are the ones to abuse them in a mental and physical way, whereas sexual abuse can happen anywhere for children. However, being exposed to constant anger and demeaning behavior by the parents can cause irreparable damages to the child's psyche. Also, children who have been through abuse cannot focus on their studies well and they always put others above themselves. They cannot communicate their feelings and end up bottling most of them.

In order to attain self esteem, the children need positive reassurance and also assistance to get over their problems. As the child grows up, low self esteem causes several more problems for them and also leads them to habits like drugs and alcoholism. Some of the children will also become chronically depressed and suffer from anger and anxiety related problems if the problem of self esteem is not addressed at the right time.

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Child Abuse And Self Esteem

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Child Abuse And Self Esteem )
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