Cultural Factors Affect Child Abuse  

Many societal and cultural influences affect child abuse. It is difficult to define abuse globally due to many cultural factors affecting it. Child abuse includes physical, sexual, emotional and neglect of a child. These different categories of abuses are fairly common across different cultures.

Child neglect can be due to a parent’s lack of knowledge for providing nutritional foods. Other reasons of child neglect include inadequate food and clothing due to poverty, lack of medical care, lack of supervision and education. Children also experience neglect and abuse due to cultural factors. The best example can be given of the old age custom of child marriage in India. Many girls are perceived as financial burdens and are forced to marry in exchange for money. Due to financial crisis in the family, many young girls are sold to brothels.

Other forms of child neglect include coin operated lockers in Japan. Unwanted children were placed in these lockers. Many children died inside the lockers. This became a very serious problem in the 1970s. Abuse and neglect is also prevalent in Romania in the form of child abandonment. This is due to lack of education and poverty.

Thus, several cultural differences affect child abuse and the number of child abuse cases differs from country to country. It is difficult to compare abuse from one country to another due to difference in lifestyle, customs, legal systems and definition. Cultural and social structures can be identified by examining data from a diverse group of cultures. This will give us a better understanding of the factors responsible for abuse and factors that can assist in preventing it.

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Cultural Factors Affect Child Abuse

Current-Stats-Of-Child-Abuse-And-Neglect      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines child abuse as any act of omission or commission by a parent or caretaker that results in harm or a threat of harm to the child. Child abuse comes under four major categories: physical abuse, psychological or emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect. More..




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Cultural Factors Affect Child Abuse )
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