How Can You Stop Child Abuse ?  

Most of us do not believe in child abuse personally and feel very sorry when we hear about such things. However, the sad truth about the whole thing is that child abuse is as common as divorce in the society, and the reasons are that every divorcing couple does put their children through some amount of physical or mental abuse. Whether they like it or not, it is the sad truth in the society.

Children face the brunt of it all despite of being the most innocent. They mean no harm, but go through harm. However, child abuse has many forms like physical violence, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. Physical and sexual abuses are easy to detect. However, emotional abuse is very difficult to detect. Nonetheless, if you do come across a child who has been physically abused or sexually abused, you should report the matter to 911 immediately. It is for the betterment of the child. Emotional abuse is very difficult to detect because the effects of it are such that it shows much later in life.

People who can recognize the patterns of emotional abuse in children are parents, teacher, caregivers or grandparents. Whoever interacts with the child closely can identify the symptoms of emotional abuse. Sexual abuse can only be discovered by a doctor or if the child confesses it themselves. Physical abuse is the most evident kind of abuse which can be noticed by the neighbors or just anybody. The child will exhibit marks of physical abuse like a black eye or hurt in unusual places for a child.

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How Can You Stop Child Abuse

What-Are-The-Reasons-For-Child-Abuse      There can be several reasons for child abuse and there are several factors that can lead to child abuse as well. Child abuse is mainly caused by the child’s parents themselves. The reasons could be that they are not able to cope with the pressure of parenting and they also are going through tough times in their marriage. More..




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