Is Parents Fighting A Form Of Abuse For The Child ? ?   

Child abuse and domestic violence are linked in a number of ways and often occur in the same family.

First, research shows that children who witness an act of violence between other members or parents are affected in the same way as children who are mentally or physically abused. Second, the factors associated with the occurrence of child abuse are also associated with violence between parents and these factors put the child at a risk of violence and substance abuse.

There are some well documented researches on the occurrences of child abuse and domestic violence. According to the Massachusetts Department of Social Service, 48 percent of case records mentioned adult domestic violence. The department came to the above conclusion after reviewing 200 child abuse reports. A national survey report states that in over 6,000 families, 50 percent of the men who assaulted their wives were also guilty of assaulting their children.

There are many cases where children are psychologically or physically harmed and neglected either due to domestic violence or no reason. The U.S. Advisory Board on child abuse and neglect came to a conclusion that domestic violence may be the single major precursor of child deaths due to abuse and neglect. There are many cases where the parent intentionally injures his child to intimidate his partner. Children may also be injured accidently or intentionally during attacks on their mother, either when the mother is holding the child or when an older child attempts to protect the mother.

There are some studies which suggest that adults who were abused as children have more risks of abusing their offspring.

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Is Parents Fighting A Form Of Abuse For The Child ?

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Is Parents Fighting A Form Of Abuse For The Child ? )
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