Positivists And Child Abuse  

Positivists believe that the methods of physical sciences should be used to study society. In other words empirical knowledge or research methods and approach is needed to study the pros and cons of a society.

When positivists study topics such as child abuse or abortion, they would just concentrate on statistics and facts. For example, in case of child abuse, they would concentrate on the incidence of abuse and neglect in the family or the highest numbers of child abuse cases in a particular state or country. Simply put, positivists go for quantitative research methods. They would like to use statistical or mathematical models in their research. They would like to conduct survey to collect data and analyze the data in computers. Positivists believe that facts should be separated from values. They would avoid issues such as “truth” or “social justice” and just concentrate on research and statistics.

When studying social phenomena, modern positivists search for cause and effect relationships. According to positivists, sociology should also adopt research methods and approach of sciences. 

There are various research and statistics for cases related with child abuse. A positivist will just concentrate and study the research and statistics related to child abuse to study more about child abuse.

Anti-positivists argue that it is difficult to separate cause from effect. They argue with the example of poverty and ill health. If someone is poor he or she may not be able to afford proper food and suffer from malnutrition thus leading to poverty. But if a healthy person loses an arm or leg in an accident may not be able to work anymore and thus fall into poverty.

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Positivists And Child Abuse

What-Is-The-Sentence-For-Child-Abuse      Child abuse is a serious issue in America. When a parent or caretaker is responsible of causing serious physical, sexual, emotional abuse, exploitation, neglect or death it is considered as abuse. Most states categorize child abuse into four types: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect. More..




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Positivists And Child Abuse )
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