What Are The Reasons For Child Abuse ?  

There can be several reasons for child abuse and there are several factors that can lead to child abuse as well. Child abuse is mainly caused by the child’s parents themselves. The reasons could be that they are not able to cope with the pressure of parenting and they also are going through tough times in their marriage.

When the relationship between a couple so not cordial, it could arise several problems in the marital front and also cause stress. Often parent show their stress and anger on children. Most of the abused children come from bad marriages where the parents are unhappy with each other and therefore their children are also unhappy.

There are several reasons why parents are not able to meet with the demands of parenthood, some parents are immature and have unrealistic expectations, their emotional needs are not being met and also taking care of a child is a stressful job. Domestic violence is the leading cause of child abuse in this world. Also, teen pregnancies cause child abuse because the teenagers do not know how to take care of a child. If a person is suffering from depression or other mental health problems, then they can cause child abuse. If a person is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, also they can cause child abuse and treat their children indifferently. Personal pressures and stressful jobs can also lead to child neglect and abuse. There can be several reasons that can cause child abuse. Actually emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse.

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What Are The Reasons For Child Abuse

What-To-Do-About-Child-Abuse      Child abuse is very common and there are different kinds of it. However, if you notice that someone is treating a child badly, then you should take some action against it. If the child is being beaten up mercilessly, then you should immediately call 911 for further assistance. More..




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