What Is The Sentence For Child Abuse ?  

Child abuse is a serious issue in America. When a parent or caretaker is responsible of causing serious physical, sexual, emotional abuse, exploitation, neglect or death it is considered as abuse. Most states categorize child abuse into four types: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.

Each state has a system to prevent, deal and respond to reports of abuse. Every individual can report abuse if he or she feels that a child in a particular family is maltreated or physically or emotionally abused. Most states have a toll free number to report such cases. A valid report will lead to an investigation. The authorities will then have to determine whether a child has been abused or not. 

In most extreme cases where the child is physically abused, the state may place the child in an alternate home with a relative or in a foster home. In 2006, $27 million in American funding was made available to help improve state child protective program and federal foster care during the Bush administration. There are also extraordinary cases where the court may terminate the parental relationship between the child and parent due to parent’s outrageous conduct. The court may also upheld the decision if the parent shows incapacity for any rehabilitation facilities. The court may order that the child be placed with a new family for adoption.

In criminal cases where the abuser is guilty of sexual abuse or physical abuse that result in death or hospitalization of a child, he or she may be sentenced to prison.

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What Is The Sentence For Child Abuse ?

Child-Abuse-And-Brain-Changes      There are many cases where child abuse victims have committed suicide due to the fact that there has been a significant chemical change in their brain. According to researchers at the McGill University in Montreal, Canada, there were major chemical differences between the genes in the brains of men who died due to other reasons and the genes in the brains of men who had committed suicide. The study found that all 13 suicide victims had suffered childhood abuse. More..




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What Is The Sentence For Child Abuse ? )
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