Computer Crime And Effects  

Computer crimes are also known as cyber crimes. These kinds of crimes are mostly involved with financial matters and cheating or treachery. There are several kinds of cyber crimes and they have different effects on the people who use such services. For example, identity theft is one of the most popular kinds of computer crime and as a result the person who se identity has been stolen suffers a great deal with bad credit reports if they do not pay up.

In the times of recession, nobody can afford such debts and fall prey to such crimes. However, when it comes to computer crimes, our safety is in our own hands. Before making financial transactions one has to make sure that their information including their name and telephone number are on safe hands. Finding the cheapest deal is always not important.

In the case of computer crimes, all kinds of crime can happen only on the computer and sing internet media. Some of the effects of such crimes are loss of revenue and a company can suffer severe losses because of cyber theft. Another effect is that it seems like a wasted time for the IT professionals when cyber crimes take place by and large. IT professionals spend so much time designing software and in the end they do not seem to be working. When a cyber crime like credit card theft takes place, it causes immense damage to the company’s reputation. The productivity of companies is also reduced considerably because they are concentrating more on security software and such tools.

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Computer Crime And Effects

Computer-Crime-Definition      Today is the age of computers and every one uses computer more than anything else. One of the main reasons is the internet and these days you can use the internet from any medium including the cell phones. People find it more convenient to just order what they like and having it shipped to their homes than go to the supermarket and wait among lines and then pay for what they have bought. More..




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Computer Crime And Effects )
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