Computer Crime Definition  

Today is the age of computers and every one uses computer more than anything else. One of the main reasons is the internet and these days you can use the internet from any medium including the cell phones. People find it more convenient to just order what they like and having it shipped to their homes than go to the supermarket and wait among lines and then pay for what they have bought.

We live in a fast world where most of the things including paying bills get done online. However, there is a bigger security risk to face on the internet compared to the convenience we get. When we transact on the internet, the financial information has to be disclosed and because of that the same information can be stolen too.

The perpetrators of computer crime are always rogues hackers and crackers. These people get it secured networks and steal information. They can see everyone’s financial information and they copy it and use it for their own benefit. Several people do to realize until they get their monthly credit card statements. There is no warning system on the internet that can warn people before hand. There are other kinds of people who send bulk emails to others requesting their personal information by luring them into dubious schemes. They may pose as lottery ticket distributors or any popular company that you know including Paypal and eBay. Email racket is also another form of popular cyber crime. Several people can get duped at the same time.

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Computer Crime Definition

Examples-Of-Computer-Crime      Computer crime is the kind of crime that makes use of a computer and a network platform which connects people. Computer crime is much different from the real world crime. In the case of a real world crime, there could be tangible proof when a theft or cheating happens. However, when it comes to computer crime, the crime can take place from any remote location. There are several kinds of computer crimes like identity theft, hacking, copyright infringement, plagiarism, financial theft, cyber warfare, espionage, pornography, child pornography, gambling and so on. More..




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