Examples Of Computer Crime  

Computer crime is the kind of crime that makes use of a computer and a network platform which connects people. Computer crime is much different from the real world crime. In the case of a real world crime, there could be tangible proof when a theft or cheating happens. However, when it comes to computer crime, the crime can take place from any remote location. There are several kinds of computer crimes like identity theft, hacking, copyright infringement, plagiarism, financial theft, cyber warfare, espionage, pornography, child pornography, gambling and so on.

However, not all the cases of theft and other crimes can be governed by the legal system of the US because the perpetrator can be located anywhere in the world. That is why cyber crimes are very complicated to deal with most of the times. However, today several governments are cooperating with each other due to cyber crimes, it is still not enough. Also, despite these crimes the usage of internet is only increasing because of mobile phone networks and so on. There are some more cyber crimes like cyber stalking and fraud and phishing scams. These are several of the schemes where an innocent person can be cheated of their money.

There are two things that are taken very seriously by the cyber theft legal officials, one is the identity theft and another is child pornography. Both the offenses are extremely popular and the perpetrators are often people in different locations. Locating cyber crime often consumes a lot of federal funds.

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Examples Of Computer Crime

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