First Documented Cybercrime  

Cybercrime did not start during the recent years of information revolution. It started as early as 1820!

Abacus, considered to be one of the earliest forms of computer was used as early as 3500 B.C. in many countries like China, India and Japan. But the era of computers started with the invention of the analytical engine by the famous Charles Babbage, considered as father of modern computers.

In the year 1820, when a textile manufacturer named Joseph-Marie Jacquard from France created a loom which repeated a few steps in the special fabric weaving process, the employees who manufactured the fabric through traditional methods became insecure of their employment and also their livelihood. They carried out a few sabotage acts to discourage Jacquard so that he does not depend on more efficient methods. This was in fact, the first record of cybercrime!

Though cybercrime was not initially defined formally by law, it is not really different from conventional criminal offense. It is one of the most complicated problems haunting the cyber world. With the advent of technological growth, there has been a growth in the rate of cybercrimes contributing to various complications in storage and protection of data. Another major concern is about data security of very sensitive information which is hacked by professionals in the current days.

Modern computers are used for many purposes and not just for storing and retrieving data. Hence, unauthorized access to information is another major concern. In addition, it is very difficult to find out people who are actually responsible for the crime as it is very difficult to track down the act through a device.

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First Documented Cybercrime

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First Documented Cybercrime )
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