Forgery In Computer Crime  

Forgery is a not new kind of crime but its roots have spread to computer technology also. People are finding newer methods to cheat people on the internet everyday. When transactions take place on the internet, there is no need for a signature or a written document as everything takes place online. The security provided is through passwords and secured networks supposedly.

However, hackers are people who get into networks and see what the passwords are and misuse various account holders’ information. The perpetrators pose as the owner of the credit or debit card and then make purchases or bank transfers online. However, the saddest part of these kinds of crimes is that the perpetrator can be located in any part of the world and not just the United States of America.

Forgery occurs when someone poses as you or imitates your signature and details. However, when it is directly done in person, then there is tangible proof. If it is not, then there is no tangible proof or evidence. The perpetrator can be anyone from your immediate family to friends or people whom you have never met.

The only way to safeguard yourself is by keeping some core details like date of birth and other dates or full name a secret. The information that you would share without hesitation including the social security number can be misused on the internet. Forgery is a very common phenomenon and it is a part of identity theft actually. Once the perpetrator gets hold of some core information like your Social Security number and date of birth, they can open several new accounts on your name.

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Forgery In Computer Crime

History-In-Computer-Crime      Computer crime is a kind of theft or forgery, or just about any illegal act that is committed using the computer as a tool. Computer crime started only after the prevalence of the internet became more. As people started using the internet more and more, the people who are criminals and know how to hack or break into networks started taking advantage of the increased usage. More..




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