History In Computer Crime  

Computer crime is a kind of theft or forgery, or just about any illegal act that is committed using the computer as a tool. Computer crime started only after the prevalence of the internet became more. As people started using the internet more and more, the people who are criminals and know how to hack or break into networks started taking advantage of the increased usage.

The biggest danger of computer crime is the identity theft. Also, not knowing who the perpetrators are of the crime is another feature about cyber or computer crime.

The rise of computer crime began in the late 19th century when big networks like banks and credit card companies' websites got hacked. There have been several popular cases of network hacking, and it had endangered millions of customers' information. The computer crime was being sued to break into secured networks like defense systems and so on.

When data is on the internet, it is more vulnerable and actually the person who wants to access it can be located anywhere in the world. Since the location of t eh perpetrator is always unclear it takes longer time to investigate such cases. Until today, only few perpetrators of cyber crime have been caught. Cyber criminals are spread through out the world by and large. The history in computer crime cannot be studied easily as it is spread in random areas and locations. The data related to the crime is not always reliable. However, even studying the data is not helpful because every single incidence of crime is different than the previous one.

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History In Computer Crime

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