Impacts Of Computer Crime  

There are several detrimental impacts of the cyber crime on the society. Computer crime and cyber crime basically mean the same thing. Any crime that takes place using the internet as the medium is a crime.

There are different kinds of crime that can take place on the internet like forgery, duping, identity theft, security breaches, financial theft, black mail, child pornography and so on. Some of the crimes are even large scale like breaking into large networks and stealing bulk information about customers and also downgrading the company in the public eye. Some of the crimes that have affected some large companies have also caused severe degradation in the share market for them.

There are several detrimental impacts of the computer crime. One is bringing a bad name to the company that is involved, knowingly or unknowingly. Secondly, it is a waste of time for security experts to spend days and months on securing the networks and despite that the crime takes place. Public starts losing trust when cyber crimes take place, especially in the case where they have lost their secure information to someone else once then they cannot regain the trust so easily. It also created bad debts for several people.

Child pornography and stalking activities seem to get promoted because the perpetrator cannot be identified easily. Cyber crime also increases confidence over criminals because they cannot be caught soon and they are also successful in their crime. Impacts of computer crime are always negative and they are felt in multiple levels.

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Impacts Of Computer Crime

Computer-Crime-And-Effects      Computer crimes are also known as cyber crimes. These kinds of crimes are mostly involved with financial matters and cheating or treachery. There are several kinds of cyber crimes and they have different effects on the people who use such services. For example, identity theft is one of the most popular kinds of computer crime and as a result the person who se identity has been stolen suffers a great deal with bad credit reports if they do not pay up. More..




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