Increase In Online Internet Fraud  

Cybercrime is one of the most common problems haunting the blessed world of information technology revolution today.

There are various reports of frauds and scams which have been prevalent in the last few years. Though adequate security measures are taken in various transactions, it is very difficult to eliminate the problems and threats completely.

The most common email scams which are prevalent in the worldwide web are phishing, advance fee scams and also bogus foreign lotteries. There are various fraudulent schemes that mislead many consumers, the most famous being Nigerian scam. Reports have stated that in the year 2002, the Crime Complaint Center has recorded a loss of about $54 million through such false schemes. The figures are only increasing in spite of so many awareness measures reigning during those times.

Some of the sites try and take the private / sensitive information of the customers without their knowledge putting them into trouble. Unsolicited emails are abounding mailboxes and it is very hard to differentiate genuine mails from the fraudulent ones.

Internet fraud has created a whole new genre of criminals as well as prosecutors. The statistics of cybercrime is growing at a very alarming rate. Some of the most affected countries include South Korea, Japan, US and Europe.

The crime rates are at its peak especially during tough times as people fall into the false traps of attractive deals and prices on the net. Internet auction scam reports have been all over the web especially in the last decade.

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Increase In Online Internet Fraud

Most-Costly-Computer-Crime-Case      Surveys conducted by the Computer Security Institute (CSI) show that the cases of computer crime are on the decrease and as a result even the losses incurred due to these crimes are reducing. However, a more recent survey shows that this trend changed in 2007 when the computer crime cases increased, especially those associated with home computers. The perpetrators of these crimes are changing their habits and thereby ensuring that the crimes are highly lucrative for them. More..




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Increase In Online Internet Fraud )
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