Most Costly Computer Crime Case  

Surveys conducted by the Computer Security Institute (CSI) show that the cases of computer crime are on the decrease and as a result even the losses incurred due to these crimes are reducing.

However, a more recent survey shows that this trend changed in 2007 when the computer crime cases increased, especially those associated with home computers.

The perpetrators of these crimes are changing their habits and thereby ensuring that the crimes are highly lucrative for them.

According to the 2008 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey, the most expensive computer crimes are those that involve financial fraud. It is estimated that the average cost of computer financial fraud for those who suffer it is a whopping $500,000. The second most expensive computer crime involves bot computers within a network. The average cost of this crime per organization is approximately $350,000.

According to the survey, the most frequently occurring computer security incidents are viruses. Nearly 49 percent of the respondents (organizations) have had problems with viruses.

Given the way individuals and organizations are dependent on computers and Internet to conduct day-to-day business, it goes without saying that computer crimes will be carried out. The anonymity offered by the Internet and computer is one of basic reasons why perpetrators love these crimes. The perpetrators can use a variety of means to hide their location and still carry out the crime from the comfort of their homes. In addition, it is highly lucrative for them.

Nearly all computer crimes are carried out by educated and literate people and that is why they are referred to as white collar crimes.

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Most Costly Computer Crime Case

Statistics-On-Computer-Security-Crime      Statistics on computer security crime are hard to come by because many times the crime is not reported to the relevant authorities and therefore, it does not make its way to the database. However, the Internet Crime Complaint Center releases a report each year on the complaints received by the law enforcement authorities. This gives a fair idea on the number of computer security crimes taking place. More..




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Most Costly Computer Crime Case )
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