Statistics On Computer Security Crime  

Statistics on computer security crime are hard to come by because many times the crime is not reported to the relevant authorities and therefore, it does not make its way to the database.

However, the Internet Crime Complaint Center releases a report each year on the complaints received by the law enforcement authorities.

This gives a fair idea on the number of computer security crimes taking place.

Between January and December 2008, a total of 275,284 complaints were filed with regard to computer security crimes. This number was a 33 percent increase compared to 2007, where the number of complaints was 206,884.

Most of the complaints received by the Internet Crime Complaint Center pertain to different types of online fraud like auction fraud, non-delivery of merchandise, credit card fraud and debit card fraud. The non-fraud complaints were intrusions, spam and child pornography.

The local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have access to these complaints as they provide information. This allows various law enforcement agencies to build awareness among the public.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center referred 72,940 complaints to the various law enforcement agencies for further action. Most of these complaints deal with fraud with complainants suffering financial losses. It is estimated that the total loss from these fraud cases is a whopping $264.6 million, which works out to approximately $931.00 per complaint. The total loss for 2008 has increased from 2007, when it was reported to be $239.1 million.

Statistics on computer security crime show the following:

  • The most common crime was non-delivery of merchandise, which comprised of 32.9 percent of all complaints.
  • Internet auction fraud comprised of 25.5 percent of complaints.
  • Credit and debit card fraud complaints were 9 percent.
  • Other major computer security crime complaints were related to confidence fraud, computer fraud, check fraud and Nigerian letter fraud.

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Statistics On Computer Security Crime

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