Top Internet Fraud Scams  

According to all recent studies and surveys, it has come out that in 2008 most scammers were operating from the United States. The US has more Internet users compared to other countries and this explains why most of the scammers are present there. It is estimated that the United States has approximately 200 million Internet users.

However, Internet users in other countries are also growing and along with that even the scammers are growing in numbers throughout the world and not just in the United States. In 2008, many countries have higher number of scammers compared to users and the countries that stand out are Nigeria, Romania, the Netherlands and China.

Scammers also have their specialty when it comes to committing Internet fraud. For example, Nigerian scammers are proficient in lottery and fake money transfer frauds, while US scammers are leaders in identity thefts and phishing frauds.

Scammers love the Internet as it does not place any restrictions on them. Inter-state and international boundaries have no meaning; and they also help Internet fraudsters to get away with the crime because jurisdictional issues end up causing problems in investigations.

Here is a list of top Internet fraud committed in 2008 in a descending order.

  1. Lottery Scams
  2. Internet Auction Scams
  3. Nigerian Advance Free Frauds
  4. Phishing and Pharming for Identity Theft
  5. Passive Residual Income Scams
  6. Check Frauds
  7. Work at Home Scams
  8. Matrix, Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes
  9. Property Mortgage and Investment Schemes
  10. Financial Institutions Scams

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Top Internet Fraud Scams

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Top Internet Fraud Scams )
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