Contempt Of Court In Child Custody  

The term contempt of court means that when a court gives a certain order in a case the parties involved in the case are supposed to follow it as dictated. However, some people defy the orders by breaking the rules set by the court for specific circumstances governed by specific conditions and in such a case it is called contempt of court. For example, in a child custody case if one of the parents is asked to refrain from the child for various reasons and mainly because the court sees the parent as a harmful influence on the child, that particular parent has to follow the advice and rules.

Typically, the court will establish some guidelines like that the parent should not be found less than half a mile near the child’s school or 50 feet near the child. There will be clear cut guidelines in his case of child custody. However, it becomes a contempt of court when not only does the parent get close to the child, but also takes the child away with them for some time without the other parent or guardian's permission. It is clearly a case of contempt of court.

Contempt of court only leads to more problems and actually the other parent gains advantage because of that. The court may even decide that the parent who has been refrained should never meet the child again. It is the worst thing for any parent to do if they want to see their children regularly. A contempt of court can never be corrected whereas a child custody case can be re-appealed for though good behavior.

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Contempt Of Court In Child Custody

How-To-File-A-Contempt-Of-Court      A contempt of court is basically an action that defies the rule onset by the court. A contempt of court is treated severely by the court in the United States and it is almost seen as an unforgivable offense. Contempt of court is recognized by the court itself. One cannot file for a contempt of court. More..




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Contempt Of Court In Child Custody )
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