Is Contempt Of Court A Felony ?  

Most people think that contempt of court means not coming to the court when called upon or failure to show up. However, contempt of court means defying the court orders or acting against the rules set by the court. A contempt of court can occur at any time when the court orders the final decree and a person acts against the decree in some way. For example, if the court passes a final decision that the person residing in a certain property has to move out within the said period and if the other person does not follow the order, then it is held as contempt of court.

Contempt of court is a misdemeanor more than a felony. Basically it is the act of disobeying the court orders. There are several cases where contempt of court can be held.

Contempt of court by the person is held as separate charges by the court. Even if the initial case is over the contempt of court can be held as a separate case and legal action could be taken for it. A felony is a kind of crime that means that the person could be held for criminal charges. It may be robbery, theft or another small crime. Contempt is a crime but not qualified for criminal charges. However, the contempt of court is dependant on the primary case and the level of seriousness of the case. Also, the verdict or the final judgment for a contempt of court is always decided by the judge.

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Is Contempt Of Court A Felony

Penalties-For-Contempt-Of-Court      A contempt of court is an order given by the court and is often decided after the main case has been resolved. For every type of case, the court passes a decree of order or judgment and also sets some guidelines and rules that the parties involved would have to follow. According to the court, these guidelines and rules are like laws. So anybody defying, acting against or not following these rules will be held for contempt of court. More..




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