Penalties For Contempt Of Court  

A contempt of court is an order given by the court and is often decided after the main case has been resolved. For every type of case, the court passes a decree of order or judgment and also sets some guidelines and rules that the parties involved would have to follow. According to the court, these guidelines and rules are like laws. So anybody defying, acting against or not following these rules will be held for contempt of court.

However, the rules and guidelines are not applicable for everyone and it is only valid for the parties involved. The judge is the main person to pass a decree or charge for contempt of court. Even the decision of punishment is made by the judge. Also, the judgment is always final. Whenever the parties involved in a legal case exhibit poor behavior, they can be held for contempt of court.

Some of the examples of contempt of court are failure to appear in court when called upon, screaming and misbehaving in the court of law while the case preceding are going on, disrupting the court orders, defying the court orders and not following the court ordered rules. Contempt of court is considered as criminal when the judge orders the final decree and after that one of the parties does not follow it. It is often to do with the behavior of the parties involved in the case. It is taken seriously by the court and is a punishable offense. Sometimes the person can be given jail time or may pay a heavy amount as fine.

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Penalties For Contempt Of Court

What-Is-Contempt-Of-Court      Contempt of court is a court order that is passed in context to a trial or a hearing and when the parties involved or a person involved in the case disobeys the court orders then it is declared as contempt of court. Any court order that has not been followed or defied is considered as contempt of court. In case the court sent you a letter to appear on a specific date and you fail to appear in the court, then it is held as contempt of court. More..




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