What Is Contempt Of Court ?  

Contempt of court is a court order that is passed in context to a trial or a hearing and when the parties involved or a person involved in the case disobeys the court orders then it is declared as contempt of court. Any court order that has not been followed or defied is considered as contempt of court. In case the court sent you a letter to appear on a specific date and you fail to appear in the court, then it is held as contempt of court.

The judge’s order is often final and they should not be acted against upon. In case a person wants to have a second consideration, then they should try for a re-appeal instead of acting against the court orders. Contempt of court is a punishable act of misdemeanor. The punishment can be anything like jail time, community service or even huge fine.

The level of punishment for contempt of court depends on the primary case. Typically, when a case is presented in the court, the judge passes an order. It is the final order and the parties have to follow it. However, if they do not then it is held as contempt of court. Contempt of court is always related to poor behavior of the person. A person, who is held in contempt of court, is known as a contemnor. There are four rules that the court follows when deciding a contempt case. These rules are as follows:

  • The presence of a lawful order
  • The accused person have knowledge of this order
  • The accused person being able to comply with the lawful order
  • The accused person failing to comply with the lawful order.

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What Is Contempt Of Court

Contempt-Of-Court-In-Child-Custody      The term contempt of court means that when a court gives a certain order in a case the parties involved in the case are supposed to follow it as dictated. However, some people defy the orders by breaking the rules set by the court for specific circumstances governed by specific conditions and in such a case it is called contempt of court. For example, in a child custody case if one of the parents is asked to refrain from the child for various reasons and mainly because the court sees the parent as a harmful influence on the child, that particular parent has to follow the advice and rules. More..




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