Causes Of Graft And Corruption  

Corruption is known to flourish in a country where a large number of laws and regulations are at work to restrict business and economic activity.

In addition, if the restrictive measures are complex and opaque and applied in a selective and non-transparent manner this becomes a fertile ground for officials to utilize the opportunity for making money.

If there are no institutional mechanisms to hold people enjoying power to be accountable then it becomes all the more difficult to put a stop to corruption.

Corruption in high places is not due to the necessity of making both ends meet. Generally these people are financially well off politicians and belong to higher income bracket. Human greed is one reason for them to be corrupt and the other main reason is their desire to continue in office which motivates them to become corrupt and amass wealth to fund their election campaign. At the lower end of the corruption spectrum is the low paid government servant who engages into corrupt practices to meet the living expenses of his family.

When corruption is a rare phenomenon, the corrupt can be easily identified and punished to prevent corruption from spreading. It becomes difficult to control when it is widespread. If this phase continues unchecked then corruption becomes a way of life. It becomes an accepted practice. Corruption becomes an additional cost element that has to be factored in working out total project cost. The bribe giver is equally responsible for the state of affairs and both the giver and taker of the bribe together enter into a conspiracy to defraud the public. Greater public awareness with the help of the media about the corrupt practices can act as a deterrent on corruption.

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Causes Of Graft And Corruption

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Causes Of Graft And Corruption )
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