Reasons Behind Corruption In Egypt  

Egypt has seen strong economic growth in recent years. While GDP has seen a growth of 4.5 percent, the population has been increasing at 1.8 percent.

Egypt is an overpopulated country with a population of 70 million. There is an insufficient agricultural land and water resource to feed their population. Egypt being the largest exporter of cotton, the land utilization for food crops is less.

It has to import nearly 50 percent of the food grain requirements.

It is a country where the wages are extremely low. Common food items such as bread, sugar and tea are heavily subsidized. The system of subsidy which has been in existence ever since World War II has been responsible to a large extent for the corruption in every walk of life. There was a move to stop subsidizing bread in 1977 which gave rise to riots. Egyptians who are generally mild people are not ready to tolerate subsidy removal on bread.

People working in Government jobs are paid very low wages. They cannot survive without corruption. Hence, corruption has become a way of life. The government supplies bakeries subsidized wheat flour to make and sell bread at subsidized rate. The bakeries were found selling the wheat flour on the black market at 10 times the price they get it from the Government. The bakeries can make a quick buck without taking the trouble of making bread. In addition, the bakeries get an incentive payment from the government if it is certified by the government inspector that the wheat flour has been utilized for making bread. The bakery owner and the food inspector share the incentive and the part of the incentive payment is handy for the inspector to meet his family expenses.

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Reasons Behind Corruption In Egypt

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