Reducing Police Corruption  

Police corruption consists of abuse of position and committing a criminal act under the color of law. Unprofessional misconduct, improper relationship with criminals, insubordination, nepotism and unauthorized disclosure of information are all signs of deviation from normal behavior and is an unhealthy trend.

If such conduct by police officers is left unchecked, can give rise to a bigger problem where other honest officers get encouraged to follow their misbehaving colleagues.

It starts with the assumption that corrupt police are made and they are not born. To a large extent, the organization is to be blamed and the checks and balances which are expected to correct the system are not in place or ineffective.

Training and selection plays an important role in the caliber of officers that are recruited in the police force. Persons who demonstrate the performance and integrity standards of the police agency alone are to be selected. Any leniency shown here at the entry level can spoil the organizational culture at a latter stage. People who do not meet the requirements of suitability and integrity standards if recruited can become the source of the problem. Corruption of a trivial nature also should not be permitted otherwise it becomes a starting point of permitting other unacceptable practices.

Frequent intradivisional assignments provide a broad experience and prevent boredom and stagnation in the police force. The officers who are ready to fight corruption and who place duty above self are to be identified and nurtured for posting in critical areas. The law enforcement officers are to be held accountable for their decisions and senior officers are made to serve as role models for integrity.  

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Reducing Police Corruption

Cause-And-Effects-Of-Corruption      Corruption takes place when people occupying public office use it for private gain. Governments both in developed countries and the developing countries have been toppled by corruption scandals. Economic growth has been slow in many countries as the funds have been misused and have not reached the poor. More..




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Reducing Police Corruption )
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