How Do I Add A Fraud Alert To My Credit Report ?  

You can easily set up a fraud alert for your credit card using the credit reporting agencies. It helps you in several ways in order to safeguard your information. The credit reporting agency will send you alerts whenever your credit information has been accessed by anyone. This lets you know if there is someone misusing your information to open a new credit card account.

However, in order to get an efficient fraud alert, your information must not have been misused prior to setting up the alert. If someone already has your information, then the credit fraud alert may not work that well for you. Things like Social Security number cannot be changed and they are established only once in your lifetime. That is why the federal government requests people not to use their Social Security number as passwords or for anything unless it is absolutely necessary.

When your information is being misused, you can freeze all credit occurring through your name and information immediately with one single phone call. It is one of the most efficient ways to do it. You can also report credit fraud through the websites of some major credit reporting bureaus like Equifax or Experian.

When you activate the fraud alert with the credit card agencies, you will receive emails in a week or two confirming about the set up and also there are different means of notifications like a SMS or a phone call and even an email. Postal mails are not encouraged because it takes a long time for the information to be delivered.

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How Do I Add A Fraud Alert To My Credit Report

How-Do-You-Prove-Credit-Card-Fraud      A credit card fraud is a crime that takes place when a person misuses another person’s personal or financial information for their own benefit. For example, someone might steal your credit card information and further use it for buying their own things. Credit card fraud is very common today with the increase of usage of the internet. People are indulging in all kinds of credit card frauds. More..




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How Do I Add A Fraud Alert To My Credit Report )
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