How Long Do You Go To Jail For Credit Card Fraud ?  

Credit card fraud is a lucrative business for fraudsters as they can earn easy money by just using their computers and an Internet connection.

Many people are surprised to learn that credit card fraud can run in millions. Although authorities are taking steps to curb this fraud, the increase is too exponential for law enforcement agencies to stop it.

So, how long do you go to jail for credit card fraud? Credit card fraud is a federal offense and penalties vary from state to state depending on the fraud. It can be a misdemeanor or a felony and the sentencing will vary based on that. However, it has been seen that in most cases the standard classification of first time offense is Class C felony and Class B felony for repeated offenses.

Usually when it is class C felony and the first offense, the perpetrator is put on probation. However, based on the jurisdiction, the highest amount of jail time possible is between 5 years and 15 years.

Even repeated offenses can be tried as Class C felony and the convicted person could get a minimum jail time of 3 to 6 years and maximum of 7.5 years to 15 years.

If the fraud is tried as a misdemeanor, the fraudster is look at 90 days in prison as a first time offender or one year in prison as a repeat offender.

A person charged with credit card fraud should immediately seek help of a professional who would be in a better position to inform the person what is the jail time he should expect in case of conviction.

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How Long Do You Go To Jail For Credit Card Fraud

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How Long Do You Go To Jail For Credit Card Fraud ? )
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