Must I Pay For Credit Card Fraud  

Every time you buy something or visit some place more often then invariably you use your credit card to charge. You do it often even on the internet because shopping is somehow more interesting on the internet than elsewhere. The rule is whenever you use your credit card, you pay for it later. However, you have to pay. When it comes to credit card fraud, it is a little more hurting than paying interest because you did not even use the card.

Credit card fraud occurs mainly on the internet and there are different kinds of fraud that can take place. Identity theft is one of the kinds of credit card fraud where you personal information including your Social Security number is stolen and is used to create new accounts on your name.

Whether you need to pay for an amount that has been wrongfully charged on your account bys someone is questionable. Ethically it is wrong that you have to pay when not spent by you. However, when it comes to business, ethics and morals take a back seat. The credit card company is going to view all the charges of dispute under a microscope and the magnifying glass as well. Only if the credit company believes that the charges are wrongful, then they will write it off. They should have valid proof and reason to believe that your information as stolen at that point of time.

As a credit card user even you need to be vigilant about your financial information and use the technology to help you. For example, you can set up credit card alerts and so on.

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Must I Pay For Credit Card Fraud

Am-I-Entitled-To-A-Refund-From-My-Bank-For-Credit-Card-Fraud      With the increased usage of internet for financial transactions, crimes like credit card fraud is also on the rise. For a credit company, every year credit card frauds cause a loss of billion of dollars. The perpetrators are often different and they misuse the credit cards or sign up for new accounts through identity theft. More..




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