Domestic Violence In Women With Depression  

When it comes to marriages, emotional, physical and mental abuse can tell a lot on the mental health of the person. There are two ways of looking at it. One is women who suffer from depression can actually abuse their spouse or even if they have been emotionally or physically abused, they can go through depression.

Several abused women take a long time to recover from the depression and the emotional abuse they have been put through. One of the main effects of depression is that the women who have been emotionally abused lose their confidence entirely. They continue to suffer from lack of confidence several years after leaving their abusive spouse. Also, women who suffer from depression as a result of the emotional abuse do not even realize that they are being abused. They start blaming themselves for everything and hold themselves as a reason for the relationship to go wrong. They also start living up to the expectations of their abusive husband and also keep failing because it is never enough.

It is only when the woman realizes that she is being emotionally abused will she take corrective measures. However, in the process, their self image and confidence takes a severe beating. They are always portrayed in the bad light by their husbands and hence they come to a point where they have no self worth. Also, abusive partners inflict injuries on their wife and they suffer from the after effects of it for a very long time.

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Domestic Violence In Women With Depression

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Domestic Violence In Women With Depression )
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