Employee Theft And Prosecution And Overview  

When an employee steals or misuses any assets of an employer without permission it is considered as employee theft. Every year, billions of dollars are lost or stolen from businesses or organizations because of employee theft.

Research shows that employee theft and dishonesty costs US businesses over $50 billion every year. About 75 percent of all employees steal assets from their employers at least once as per the national estimates.

Stealing supplies: This kind of theft is very common in every business. Best examples are theft of computers, cabinets, paper, silverware, and food from restaurants.

Dishonesty in time wage: Many employees manipulate time records in such ways that they get paid for time which they did not work.

Stealing cash: Cash is one of the most common assets stolen from the employers.

Theft of company property or merchandise: Most businesses suffer losses due to theft of merchandise. There are many cases where employees have stolen product displays.

Employee theft prosecution: Prosecution is one of the options to terminate and put your employees in jail. The first step is to record and document everything, collect necessary evidence and then call the police. If your employee pleads guilty, the court will rule a fine or probation. It will depend on several factors. Some pay fine, while others serve a jail sentence and then get out on bond.

It is very important to get advice from your legal counsel before you take this step. There are many instances where charges have been dropped due to lack of evidences. This may result in facing civil liability.

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Employee Theft And Prosecution And Overview

Fire-Employee-For-Theft      Employee theft is a serious issue in a business concern. Business and organizations suffer over $50 billion every year due to employee theft. According to national estimates, 75 percent of all employees steal, use or misuse assets from their employers at least once a year. As per the survey conducted by CareerBuilder, more employees in the IT, healthcare, and manufacturing industries admitted to theft at the office than employees in the retail, hospitality and sales. More..




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