Is Embezzlement A Felony ?  

Embezzlement means the act of taking money that has been placed in your trust. The money does not belong to you but to another person. Embezzlement can take place when a high official who is in a position to take power and control of your accounts misuses your funds knowingly. They also manipulate the accounts in such a way so that the accounts are correct.

Usually embezzlement can take place in positions where money is involved, like the finance department of a certain company. There is a very thin line between embezzlement and cheating or fraud. While embezzlement remains to be a kind of fraud, it is also a punishable crime by the legal system. The biggest drawback of embezzlement is that the embezzler is in a position of gaining the trust of someone. The trust may come in due respect of his position or through the persons experience. However, many types of embezzlement have been caught eventually by officials. A thorough audit can reveal the loop holes in the accounting and therefore the embezzler can also be easily caught.

A felony is a small crime actually like staling or robbery or minor damages caused. However, embezzlement does not categorize as felony. If the amount stolen is large enough, then it can be a criminal case than a mere felony. If the embezzlement of funds caused grief and loss to several people, then the person could serve jail time for more than 15 years. So, it is definitely more than a felony.

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Is Embezzlement A Felony

Prison-Term-For-Embezzlement      Embezzlement is a fraud and it is a punishable crime. A person who is in a high position pf regard is usually the perpetrator and can take funds when entrusted upon. The worst thing about this crime is that the embezzler is he has the trust of others. The prison term for embezzlement varies according to the crime. For example, some embezzlement harm people in a large scale like a share market fraud or misusing company funds and showing false profits and so, the embezzler can face severe criminal charges and also can be put into prison indefinitely. More..




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