Prison Term For Embezzlement  

Embezzlement is a fraud and it is a punishable crime. A person who is in a high position pf regard is usually the perpetrator and can take funds when entrusted upon. The worst thing about this crime is that the embezzler is he has the trust of others. The prison term for embezzlement varies according to the crime. For example, some embezzlement harm people in a large scale like a share market fraud or misusing company funds and showing false profits and so, the embezzler can face severe criminal charges and also can be put into prison indefinitely.

The person is kept in prison as long as the investigations of embezzlements go on. One such example is the recent corporate scam in Satyam computers, an India based company. The scam went into millions of dollars by one person alone.

The investigation is the tougher part in embezzlement scams because several things are determined. One of the things is the law tries to find out how long the embezzlement has been going on for. Also, the extent of damages is calculated based on the time period the embezzlement has been carried out for. The more the amount increases the deeper trouble the embezzler gets into with law. The person can serve jail time for more than 15 years in big embezzlement frauds and sometimes even lifetime prison. Even after the prison time has been served the embezzler is stuck with the social stigma and they will never find employment again. All their funds and assets are snatched and kept under custody.

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Prison Term For Embezzlement

What-Is-Embezzlement      Embezzlement is a kind of fraud that takes place when a person has been entrusted with funds. The embezzler is in a position to be trusted and therefore he misuses the trust and also the funds. Embezzlement often takes place in big companies where a person is in the position of handling the funds. More..




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Prison Term For Embezzlement )
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