What Is Embezzlement ?  

Embezzlement is a kind of fraud that takes place when a person has been entrusted with funds. The embezzler is in a position to be trusted and therefore he misuses the trust and also the funds. Embezzlement often takes place in big companies where a person is in the position of handling the funds.

When the amounts are small, it usually amounts to theft or robbery but when the amount is large is called embezzlement. Also, embezzlement takes place over a long period of time. Typically the embezzler gets used to stealing money from the company. Also their lifestyle on the personal front seems to be improving gradually.

People, who are used to embezzling funds, continue doing it unless they are caught by chance. It is very tempting for them to get hold of large sums of money and also get away with the crime. Each state and jurisdiction has different rules for embezzlement of funds. It is mainly the extent of crime that decides the punishment. Even the pyramid schemes are a kind of embezzlement. Embezzlement also occurs in the share markets and in insurance companies. Banks are also a common place where embezzlement can happen. Some companies do have advanced audit systems that can identify discrepancies in accounts easily. However, just like any other crime embezzlement is something very common that happens in corporate sectors more than government companies. Embezzlement is a fraud, felony and also a criminal case.

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What Is Embezzlement

Example-Of-Embezzlement      Embezzlement means it is a type of fraud that involves finances. Any person who uses someone else’s funds and show false accounts to substitute their theft are called embezzlement. When someone trusts their money with you, they expect you to take care of it in the right medium and also give you some powers that will help you handle the powers. It may be a high position or it can be a trust. More..




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