First Time Offenders And Expungement  

An offender is an offender in whatever respect in the legal capacity. Whether it is the first time is established when you go on records and whether it is the last time is established through your conduct. So, how long does it take to clean up your legal records is a question you might ask. It depends on the kind of misdemeanor or felony that you have committed.

The United States law might differ from state to state and a first time offender is a person who has committed a crime for the first time. So, in several cases it is possible to expunge the records when you have completed the sentence and proven yourself. However, the possibility of it depends on a lot of factors like how severe was the crime. The qualifying sentence also depends on the jail term or the probation period that was given to you.

Usually for minor crimes the expungement time period can be from 2 to 3 years after the court sentence. It should be a single offence and no other offense should exist from the date of the first crime and only then will you be termed as a first time offender. However, the same rule dos not apply to murder and sex offenders. The gravity of the crime has a very large role to play in the whole issue. The time frame is also subject to the nature of the crime in several ways. Also, one should keep in mind that an expungement can be disqualified anytime depending on circumstances and the behavior of the party.

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First Time Offenders And Expungement

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