Juvenile Expungement  

Juvenile crime is a crime committed a person who is under the age of 21. Expungement is that any criminal record on your public records is wiped clean, and they are concealed from the public view. So, if anybody like a college or a prospective employer does a background check, then the criminal record would not show up. It helps juvenile criminals get away from the social stigma created by their actions of immaturity also sometimes.

The fastest way a criminal record can be expunged from the record is if the accused person has been found not guilty at the time when charges were filed. In this case, the record will be expunged right away. If you had already been arrested and formal charges were not put not o your record, then the records will be expunged after a period of 1 year.

If there was a crime put on your record, then it could take any time from 4 to 10 years for the records to be expunged. For this, you should also have been released from prison on unconditional parole. Several of criminal cases are eligible at some point of time or the other for an expungement. Some criminal cases, which have been termed as aggravated or violent, cannot be expunged from the records, and even the punishment is severe in such cases. Also, crimes of violence like murder or causing severe damages to another person or threatening someone life are all cases that will stay in the records forever. When you want an expungement you should file for it in the court legally.

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Juvenile Expungement

What-Is-An-Expungement      Expungement is a legal procedure that clears the criminal records from your public records and gives you a chance to lead a clean life again. Depending on the crime, expungement can be done immediately or it can take several years or in some cases, it is not even possible. A person should have the knowledge of what kind of crimes can be expunged and what cannot be. More..




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