Extortion Statistics  

Many people associate extortion with organized crime. However, even people in public offices can ask for money, which is a type of extortion.

Extortion is defined as the attempt to get money from a person by threatening or inflicting harm on the person or his/her reputation. Hush money, bribe and ransom are forms of extortion.

Extortion takes places every where. However, it is one crime that is not very common in the United States. However, this does not mean that it does not happen. People have been tried in the US for extortion. Extortion is a crime and punishable with a fine and jail time.

When it comes to extortion statistics, one cannot find too much as extortion may or may not be reported. What figures are available are misleading and do not give a clear picture on the number of cases of extortion that take place annually in the United States.

Kidnapping and then asking for ransom is a form of extortion. According to available statistics more than 15,000 cases of kidnapping take place worldwide each year. However, this figure too is misleading as many cases of kidnapping are not reported to law enforcement agencies. However, when it comes to extortion, people and organization have no control over it and extortion is not limited to just ransom demand. Anyone can be forced into a situation where they are made to pay because someone has some damaging information against them.

Extortion statistics for the United Kingdom from January to December 2008 gives a picture of suspected extortion and/or blackmail. The Scotland Yard undertook 13 operations during that period. Once again this does not give a clear picture of the total number of extortion cases that occurred in 2008 as you can be sure that many were not reported to the police.

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Extortion Statistics

What-Are-Some-Examples-Of-Extortion      Extortion is committed when a person gets money, goods, services or desired behavior from another person by threatening or inflicting to the person, his/her property or his/her reputation. Extortion is quite different from robbery and two should not be mistaken to be one and the same. In extortion, the victim gives his consent, albeit unlawfully. That is why extortion is also considered to be a crime and offense. More..




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