What Class Of Felony Is Forgery ?  

Forgery is the process of willful fabrication or alteration of a written document or signing another’s signature to a document with intent to defraud, deceive or injure another person or organization.

Checks, negotiable instruments, birth certificates, licenses, contracts, wills, and deeds are examples of documents that may be forged. In case of forging money or currency it is often referred as counterfeiting.

In the United States, forgeries are primarily classified in three degrees viz first degree (Class C felony) second degree (Class D felony) and third degree (Class A misdemeanor) depending on the type of documents forged. If bank documents, stocks and bonds by a corporate or other organization or currencies are forged then the forgery is of first degree and is a “Class C felony”. If a deed, public record, will, contract, assignment, credit card or commercial instruments is forged, then the forgery is of second degree and is a “Class D felony”. If an written instrument (any article or computer data or a computer program) containing written or printed is used for the purpose of reciting, embodying, conveying, or recording information which is used for the advantage or disadvantage of other person, it is a third degree forgery and is a “Class A misdemeanor”.

Forgery in any form is an offence by legislative act in most jurisdiction of United States. Punishment for forgery depends on the degrees of forgery and the financial value of the documents forged. Forgery in first degree (Class C felony) may be twenty years, in the second degree (Class D felony) ten years, in the third degree (Class A misdemeanor) five years or fine or both.

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What Class Of Felony Is Forgery

What-Is-The-Penalty-For-Forgery-California      The penalty or punishment   for forgery in most States of US is either jail sentence or fine or both. The term of the sentence depends on the degree of forgery, financial value of the documents forged and the accuser’s previous criminal record. In most forgery cases, the intent of forgery is taking into consideration rather than the monetary loss suffered by the victim. More..




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What Class Of Felony Is Forgery ? )
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