How Do You Spot 100 Dollar Bill Forgery ?


Forgery means many things. For instance, it could be making a false signature of the original owner of the account to withdraw money from the bank or it could be posing as the original owner and counterfeiting the signatures and also it could mean counterfeiting currency bills.More...



Forgery In Computer Crime

Forgery In Computer Crime

Computer crime is one of the most modern crimes in the current day world. Forgery and other kind of cyber crimes are very popular on the internet. Forgery is q computer crime and more often performed in the internet because it is easier. So, how does computer based forgery happen one might ask.

The fact is that online checks are passed even on the internet. For banking and savings account, it is common of people to pass on online checks. When one can make a direct bank transfer, then why use an online check? It is helpful because it is a record of payment.More...



Is Forgery A Felony ?

Is Forgery A Felony ?

A forgery is a felony, and also a criminal case as it applies. A forgery is typically a kind of offense which occurs because a person has falsely imitated the details including the signature of another person. Forgery is mainly committed in financial transactions. A forgery case depends on the extent of damage basically and also different states have different rules.

A forgery is first treated as felony if there has been minimal damage caused. However, in the case of currency counterfeiting it is obviously a criminal case. Forgery is not acceptable. Sometimes even juveniles commit forgery cases and therefore they are treated differently.More...



Case Studies Dealing With Handwriting Forgery

Forgery By A Juvenile

In the past, in penalties for forgery were extremely severe. In 1563, in England, anyone accused of forgery had to pay the aggrieved party double the cost of the gains along with damages.

In addition, the offender's ears were cut off, nostrils were slit and cut, and then was seared with a hot iron. While the person was serving out his sentence, he would have to give all the profits from his land to the queen.More...



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What class of felony is forgery ? - Case studies dealing with handwriting forgery

What-Is-The-Penalty-For-Forgery-California      The penalty or punishment   for forgery in most States of US is either jail sentence or fine or both. The term of the sentence depends on the degree of forgery, financial value of the documents forged and the accuser’s previous criminal record. In most forgery cases, the intent of forgery is taking into consideration rather than the monetary loss suffered by the victim. More..




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What class of felony is forgery ? - Case studies dealing with handwriting forgery )
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