Harassment After Marriage  

Any kind of harassment can psychologically affect a person. Harassment in a broader sense implies sending threatening emails, making threatening telephone calls, stalking, giving unwanted gifts and attempts to kill or injure another person. To stop any kind of harassment, first of all you should be able to understand what is harassment.

Harassment after marriage is a common practice. It usually takes place when a spouse finds his or her incompatibility with the other spouse. Also, if one of the spouses walks out of the house because of domestic violence, it can be termed as harassment. In case when one spouse encounters such harassment, the first step is to stop all kinds of contact. If you try to be in contact with a harasser, it will provide them with an opportunity to continue harassing you. Completely cease responding to phone calls, emails and letters. If harasser stalks you in public, have control over your emotions. Do not show your anger or even that you are terrified. It is very difficult at times to prove to the police that somebody is harassing you. Therefore, keeping records and evidence is very important. You should inform police each incident of harassment immediately. You should also keep record of these incidents such as the date, time and details.

Do not remain alone. Network of family and friends can be of great help. You must not hide the facts from your near and dear ones. Tell them in detail about each incident. You should arrange for their visits on a regular basis in order to keep the harasser informed that you are not alone. To avoid the harasser's calls you can block his or her number by calling *60. Install answering machine, cameras, and burglar alarm to keep yourself secure. Always protect you house well in your absence by locking the doors and windows properly.

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Harassment After Marriage

How-Can-I-Prove-Harassment      Harassment means a behavior which could be either verbal or physical and ends up threatening a person. It is an act which intends to make a person feel unprotected and unsafe. It can take place in any kind of relationship, in business, home or any other public place. Harassment can take any form and often becomes difficult to recognize or even prove. More..




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