How Can I Prove Harassment ?  

Harassment means a behavior which could be either verbal or physical and ends up threatening a person. It is an act which intends to make a person feel unprotected and unsafe. It can take place in any kind of relationship, in business, home or any other public place. Harassment can take any form and often becomes difficult to recognize or even prove.

Harassers never make their actions in public. Hence, at times, this cannot be understood by others. Victims are often confronted with a situation where usually they are accused of reading too much out of any casual statement. Therefore, a word of advice for victims is never jump to conclusions unless there is sufficient evidence to prove the harassment. At the first instance, it is very difficult to analyze that a particular sign or an act is meant for harassing. When such sign or act becomes repetitive in nature, then it can be certain that it is meant to harass. Sometimes, it can be difficult to conclude harassment. Therefore, you may include some eye witnesses to make certain. You can cross check with them whether the behavior was similar to what you had felt.

Harassment laws differ from country to country and from one state in the US to the next. Therefore, before reporting harassment to the law enforcement, you should first find out about the laws of that particular place or the policies related to it. To fully understand the entire law concerning harassment, may be too difficult for anyone. Therefore, it is better to take help from an attorney. You must also keep all the records of the incidents such as date and time of occurrence and detailed description about each incident. Also, make note of place and any eye witness to support your statements. Never remain alone with the harasser. There should be people around you always so that harasser cannot harm you.

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How Can I Prove Harassment ?

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How Can I Prove Harassment ? )
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