How To Avoid A Harassment Charge At Work ?  

Different people have different views about harassment at workplace. Some feel that only a physical touch in an intimate way is considered as sexual harassment. However, there many more things attached to it. Even sexual comments, speculations about a person’s love life, whistles, cheap jokes, putting sexual pictures in the office, sending sexual emails etc, all these come under the prerogative of sexual harassment. In most of the cases, it has been noticed that sexual harassment victims are mostly women. Also, sexual harassment can be faced by heterosexuals and homosexuals.

The best way to avoid any sexual harassment accusations at work place is to avoid touching anybody intimately. Other things to avoid is putting up any pornographic photographs at the workplace, making sexual comments or cutting indecent jokes. Such things have no value or meaning in a workplace and thus, it is better to avoid them.

A workplace requires certain amount of ethics and etiquette which should be followed by all employees. Getting involved in these kinds of acts will do you no good. If you treat your colleagues with dignity and respect, no one can ever accuse you for sexual harassment. It is also the responsibility of the company to have policies regarding sexual harassment at workplace and all employees must read them carefully.

A sexual harassment case is mostly resolved quickly. Reports say that each year almost 12,000 to 15,000 cases are filed, and out of which only 4 percent remains unresolved. That means if you are charged with this type of case, chances are that you will be definitely accused and penalized.

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How To Avoid A Harassment Charge At Work ?

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How To Avoid A Harassment Charge At Work ? )
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